Black Friday Deals on Klarus LED Flashlights

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Black Friday Deals on Klarus LED Flashlights

Black Friday has begun and will continue through the rest of this weekend! I hope you're ready for some super amazing good deals on flashlights! Let's talk about what we're doing at FlashlightZ this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Save 30% on these Klarus LED Flashlights

This sale is happening now! You can save 30% on these four Klarus models by using the coupon code KLARUS30.

The Klarus 360X3 3200 lumen flashlight

The Klarus 360X1 1800 lumen flashlight

The Klarus G20 3000 lumen flashlight

The Klarus G10 1800 lumen flashlight

1800 lumen tactical flashlight klarus 360x1

The Klarus 360X3 and 360X1 are extreme tactical flashlights that both feature a 360° omni-directional switch allowing you to operate the flashlight from any angle. They're designed with a rapid reaction time and tactical situations in mind. While they are mainly tactical, they do feature programmable settings that allow you to choose how you’d like to operate the flashlights. So these may be the most versatile tactical flashlights on the market.

best handheld flashlight klarus g10

The Klarus G20 and G10, on the other hand, are handheld LED lights with a diffused beam. The G20 is a flood beam whereas the G10 has more of a wide diffused beam but still has a decent hotspot. These lights are excellent for up close work, outdoor activities, and household projects. The user interface is extremely intuitive and both flashlights are USB rechargeable!

If you're interested in any of these flashlights, now is the time to get them! Use the coupon code KLARUS30 to save 30% on these models. This coupon code is not able to be combined with other coupon codes. Also, this code excludes any refurbished or open box products products. This coupon code expires after December 2nd so make sure to grab what you want now.

Save 20% on All Other Klarus LED Flashlights

best tactical flashlight klarus xt11x

If there's another Klarus flashlight you've had your eye on such as the Klarus XT21X, Klarus XT11X, or Klarus FX10, we have good news for you! You can save 20% on all other Klarus flashlights with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY20. This sale starts on November 28th! We have several amazing Klarus flashlights to choose from, whether you're wanting something tactical, powerful, or compact. Or maybe you're wanting a flashlight that has all of these traits, we've got something for you!

This coupon code is not able to be used with other coupon codes. Also, it excludes Klarus accessories, batteries, battery chargers, as well as refurbished or open box products. This coupon code is valid on November 28th and expires on December 2nd which gives you a decent amount of time to grab what you want!

Tactical Flashlights and Accessories Discounted in Our Clearance Section

For Black Friday, we’ve slashed more prices in our Clearance Section! Let’s take a look at some items from our Clearance.

Klarus TRS1 Remote Pressure Switch

Was: $16.95

Now: $12.95

This remote pressure switch is great to use for most Klarus tactical flashlights. It gives you access to a momentary-on, One-Touch Turbo, and cycles through the same outputs as the flashlight it’s attached to. It’s compatible with the Klarus XT11GT, XT11X, XT11S, FX10, XT12GT, XT12S, and more. Check out the Klarus TRS1 remote pressure switch.

Klarus Aggressive Strike Bezel

Was: $15.99

Now: $11.95

A truly awesome tactical accessory that fits on a few Klarus tactical flashlights. This aggressive strike bezel turns your flashlight into the ultimate self-defense tool. It’s crafted from stainless steel billet and is easy to put on and take off of your flashlight. This bezel fits the Klarus XT11GT, XT11S, and the XT12S. Check out the Klarus aggressive strike bezel.

Klarus XT11GT Refurbished

2000 lumen tactical flashlight klarus xt11gt

New: $85.95

Refurbished: $64.95

We have several excellent refurbished flashlights in our clearance section. One of them is the Klarus XT11GT! This 2000 lumen flashlight is extremely compact and extremely powerful. It offers a triple switch design as well as multiple outputs and three programmable settings so you can choose how you’d like to operate the flashlight. This tactical flashlight features a momentary-on, One-Touch Turbo, One-Touch Strobe, and a One-Touch Low. It’s also USB rechargeable so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a battery charger.

Our refurbished lights have been tested and are guaranteed to work. They also come with the original manufacturer’s warranty. In the case of the refurbished Klarus XT11GT, it comes with the Klarus 5 year warranty. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Klarus XT11GT tactical flashlight!

These are just a few of the items we offer in our Clearance section. Make sure to check it out and find something you like!

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