Best Lantern for This Summer - The Klarus CL1

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Best Lantern for This Summer - The Klarus CL1

Summer is fast approaching. Everything is green and lively, the spring showers are lessening, the days are getting warmer. It’s about time to start planning those barbecues, pool parties, and outdoor activities. The days may be longer but we are still partying into the night when the weather gets cooler. With any outdoor event, it's important to have lighting and music. Just having music can really bump up the fun factor in any gathering. That's why we want to talk about the Klarus CL1 lantern. This is a nifty little lantern that also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker so your summer gatherings will be perfect each time.

Features of the Klarus CL1

Klarus has quickly become a respected and reputable brand that many users rely on. They make incredibly innovative LED lighting tools and we were excited when they came out with the CL1. This was their first lantern and they impressed us by making it a Bluetooth speaker as well. So let's take a look at what else the CL1 has to offer.

390 Lumen LED Lantern

best camping lantern
Klarus CL1 Camping Lantern

Featuring a 4500K high CRI LED, the CL1 delivers a soft focus and soft illumination to light up the area around you without blinding you. It has a maximum output of 390 lumens and has a maximum beam diameter of about 18 meters. Even if you have a huge backyard, the CL1 will light up the area around you wonderfully.

The CL1 features a single switch located on the bottom of the lantern. You can push the switch to turn the lantern on and off and, once the switch is on, you can cycle through the different modes. The CL1 features three different brightness levels: low is 12 lumens, medium is 160 lumens, and high is 390 lumens. Using the highest brightness level, the CL1 can last up to 8 hours and using the lowest brightness level, the CL1 can last up to 157 hours. This is a lot of time to use outside! Even on a weekend camping trip, the CL1 will last you quite a while before you need to recharge it or replace the batteries.

The CL1 is also very small and lightweight. It's a very easy lantern to carry with you making it extremely portable. So it's a great lantern to have during any outdoor gathering or even a camping trip. You can pack it in your backpack and you won't even notice it's there. The CL1 also comes with a small pouch that you can carry it in. So even if you don’t have room in your backpack or you’re not carrying any bag, you can still transport the CL1 easily with its little pouch.

Lantern with Bluetooth Speaker

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Klarus CL1 Bluetooth Speaker

We already mentioned that the CL1 is also a Bluetooth speaker but what we didn't mention is that features a HI-FI 360° stereo with base to give it a professionally engineered sound effect and excellent acoustics. Just connect your smartphone or tablet or other smart device to the CL1 using the Bluetooth function and you're good to go. Pick whichever song you want or whichever playlist you want and start enjoying some tunes outside.

You can control the music through your smart device. Use your phone as a remote control and, as long as you're within 10 meters of the CL1, you can play, pause, move forward, go back, and control the volume. Basically, so long as you've got your smartphone or whatever device you use to connect to the CL1, you've got complete control of the music. This lantern can run music for up to 50 hours so you can enjoy music all night long and even for a couple days in case you want to party that long.

Rechargeable Lantern and Power Bank

best lantern and power bank
Klarus CL1 Lantern and Power Bank

The CL1 is a rechargeable lantern so you can plug a micro USB charge cable into the lantern and let it charge. Just in case 50 hours of music and 157 hours of light was not enough for you. Just kidding! It’s incredibly convenient that the CL1 is USB rechargeable as it lets you recharge the lantern as often as you like to make sure it's always ready for the next outing or gathering.

This lantern also features a built-in lithium battery with a 6600 mAh capacity so it's extremely powerful. You can lightly push the switch to see the battery capacity indicator and plan your usage accordingly. When the CL1 is charging, the battery capacity indicator also doubles as a charging indicator and will let you know how much charge the battery has and the status of the charging.

The CL1 also functions as a power bank and can power your USB devices. So if your phone is running out of energy, you can simply plug it into the CL1 and get a boost so that your phone lasts a bit longer. This is a very handy feature to have especially when it comes to camping and hiking trips.

Durable Lantern

In any lantern that is going to be used outside it's important to get one that's durable and the CL1 is definitely durable. It's made of a tough PC + ABS polymer and aluminum alloy. The CL1 is impact resistant up to 1 meter and is IPX4 waterproof allowing you to use this lantern in rain or shine. It also features an internal magnet so that it can attach to metal surfaces allowing you to shine the light exactly where you want it.

Concluding Remarks

The CL1 LED lantern has really impressed us with its innovative design. It's compact, it's bright, it has a Bluetooth speaker, and it can function as a power bank. Klarus has stuffed as many features as possible into this little lantern to make it as versatile as possible. We think they've done a really great job and if you're looking for a new lantern whether it's for camping or just to have for any gathering of any kind, make sure to check out the Klarus CL1.
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