Best LED Flashlight Under $55

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Best LED Flashlight Under $55

If you’re shopping around for a new flashlight, you may notice that for a high-quality reputable flashlight, they can cost quite a few $$$. It can be tough to differentiate between flashlights that are economical but still high quality from cheaper flashlights that will break after a few weeks. So today, we thought we’d discuss one particular Klarus flashlight that’s high-quality, durable, and economical. It has quite a few features to love and won’t break the bank! I’m talking about the Klarus ST15R outdoor flashlight. You’ll be amazed at what this flashlight has to offer from its features to its included accessories and all for less than $55. So let’s talk about the Klarus ST15R!

Klarus ST15R LED Flashlight

From outdoor use, to professional use, to general use, the ST15R is a versatile and flexible flashlight that works well for different jobs. It’s compact and extremely lightweight, making it easy to carry around. It’s also extremely durable, crafted from aircraft aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish. The aluminum construction is durable and wear resistant to help it look beautiful for longer. With its Intelligent Thermal Protection System, the ST15R monitors its internal temperature and adjusts the output to make sure it remains safe and is working at its best. This means you don’t need to worry about the flashlight heating up and burning out its own internal electronics. The ST15R is also impact resistant and waterproof, making it the ideal outdoor flashlight.

best led flashlight klarus st15r

Along with an incredible design, the ST15R comes with multiple goodies that adds to its value and versatility. It comes with a removable pocket clip which makes it easier to carry the ST15R. It also comes with a white diffuser, bike mount, 18650 battery, lanyard, USB charging cable, and spare o-ring. It comes with more than most LED flashlights that cost over $55! The diffuser and bike mount are extremely useful for outdoor activities. You get a lot with this little Klarus ST15R flashlight.

1200 Lumen Flashlight

It may be compact, but the ST15R doesn’t hold back with its 1200 lumen output! The beam pattern on this LED flashlight is excellent with more focused beam and a little bit of spill. It features a maximum beam distance of 260 meters so that gives you a good idea of how far this flashlight is going to throw. It's equipped with a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED and features a constant current control which means you will have a clear beam with absolutely no flickering.

outdoor flashlight klarus st15r

Simple User Interface for Handheld Flashlight

Operating the ST15R is very simple and the user interface takes no time to learn. It features a single tail switch that will turn on and off the flashlight and a side switch that will cycle through the different modes. The ST15R flashlight also features a mode memory function which means it's going to remember the last brightness level you had the flashlight in and turn on directly to that level. This feature is extremely useful for outdoor purposes or professional purposes.

The ST15R has seven total outputs and this includes four brightness levels and three flashing modes. Let's talk about those brightness levels first. The brightness levels range from low at 10 lumens to turbo at 1200 lumens. The maximum run time you’re going to see is 200 hours which is unbelievably amazing! If you plan your usage of the flashlight right, it's going to last you an extremely long time. Looking at the flashing modes, you have a strobe, a beacon, and an SOS mode which guarantees you’re going to be ready for anything.

Rechargeable Flashlight

To add to its amazingness, the ST15R is also a USB rechargeable flashlight. All you need to do is plug it in to a USB charging cable (which is included) and a USB adapter and it’ll charge away. While it’s charging, you’ll see the indicator located around the side switch glow either red or green so you’ll know when the flashlight is charging and when it’s finished. The same indicator will also glow a certain color when you first turn the flashlight on, indicating how much charge you have left in your battery.

1200 lumen flashlight klarus st15r

Speaking of batteries, the ST15R is an 18650 flashlight and comes with a high drain 18650 lithium ion battery with a 2600 mAh capacity. However, you're able to put other 18650 batteries in this flashlight. The ST15R is also compatible with different battery types so you can also equip it with two CR123A batteries or two Klarus 16340 batteries. This adds a lot more versatility to this LED flashlight. A lot of outdoor enthusiasts prefer carrying CR123A batteries as backups when they go camping or hiking, so having a flashlight that is compatible with CR123A batteries is often necessary. It’s great that the ST15R is compatible with both 18650s and CR123As because CR123A batteries are so easy to find and quite a bit cheaper. However, Klarus does include that 18650 battery and because the flashlight is USB rechargeable, you may not need to worry about any backup batteries.

Concluding Remarks

Everything from the output to the user interface to the USB recharging capability to the included accessories, there is so much to love about the Klarus ST15R flashlight. It has a lot to offer you and one of the best things about this flashlight is how inexpensive it is. A lot of really expensive flashlights come with many bells and whistles that aren't always necessary. The ST15R gives you exactly what you need in a straightforward flashlight with a little extra such as that USB recharging capability. Whether you're looking to add an LED flashlight to your tools or you're looking for a gift for someone who would appreciate an LED flashlight, the ST15R is a great way to go. It has so much to offer and is the perfect outdoor flashlight. Not to mention, it’s one of the best LED flashlights in terms of value! You won’t find too many high quality flashlights like the ST15R at this price point on the market. Make sure to check out the Klarus ST15R today.

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