Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Part 2

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Best Christmas Gifts for Dads Part 2

We’re getting closer to Christmas and there’s still time to get your dad a gift before it’s too late! Last week we talked about three awesome flashlights to get, each one unique and high quality. Today, we’re going to talk about three more unique LED flashlights that are great gifts to give.

as we mentioned in our last blog, LED flashlights are excellent gifts to give. They are a tool that no household should be without because they really come in handy during emergencies. not only that, but if you like do-it-yourself projects, working on the house, outdoor activities, working on your car, and more, you'll find that an LED flashlight could be your greatest companion. So let's not delay any further and get into these three best LED flashlights.

Klarus XT11GT - 2000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

2000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Klarus XT11GT

The Klarus XT11GT tactical flashlight has been popular for quite a while now and for good reason. It's very compact and can easily be clipped onto a pocket or carried in its included holster and delivers up to a blinding 2000 lumens. For this type of power normally you would need a bigger flashlight, so it's impressive that Klarus created such a powerful flashlight in such a compact form. Not only is it powerful, the XT11GT is versatile, practical, and is the perfect flashlight for anybody.

This tactical flashlight features dual tail switches and a side switch that functions independently from the tail switches so you have some options and how you’d like to operate this flashlight. With the tail switches you have a momentary on, a One-Touch Turbo, and a One-Touch Strobe or a One-Touch Low. With the side switch, you have a built-in memory function, a One-Touch Low, and a lockout function to prevent the flashlight from turning on accidentally.

Not only does the XT11GT feature six outputs including two flashing modes, it also features three programmable settings allowing you to tailor the light to whatever you need. In the Tactical Setting, you have a One-Touch Turbo and a One-Touch Strobe using the dual tail switches while the side switch remains the same. In the Outdoor Setting, you have a One-Touch Turbo and a One-Touch Low using those dual tail switches while the side switch once again stays the same. In the Advanced Tactical Setting you will see quite a bit of difference. Meant for extreme tactical situations, the Advanced Tactical Setting locks out the side switch and will only function using the tail switches in turbo and strobe. Between these three settings you're completely covered for whatever situation you need making this flashlight excellent for law enforcement, security, outdoor enthusiasts, and more.

As if that wasn't enough, the XT11GT is also USB rechargeable allowing you to charge it up while working on the computer or next to your bed while you sleep. There's a charging indicator that doubles as a battery capacity indicator so you always know what the status of the battery is. And speaking of batteries, the XT11GT is able to run on a single 18650 battery as well as two CR123A batteries. As I said, you have a lot of options with this light and can use it in a variety of situations. So make sure to check out the Klarus XT11GT.

Klarus 360X3 - 3200 Lumen LED Flashlight

3200 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Klarus 360X3

This flashlight and the next flashlight that I'm going to be talking about are Klarus’ newest releases. The Klarus 360X3 is a tactical flashlight that features an innovative dual tail switch design. It's a fairly compact flashlight although it's not what you would consider an everyday carry flashlight. Nevertheless, you are able to carry it using its included holster. This powerful tactical flashlight delivers up to 3200 lumens and can really illuminate an entire area like it's day.

Just like the XT11GT, the 360X3 features a triple switch design with dual tail switches as well as a side switch that functions independently. The side switch on this light has the same features as the side switch on the XT11GT so I will be focusing on the tail switches. The main tail switch is centered on the tail of the flashlight and slightly protruding while the secondary switch is actually a ring that circles the main switch. This design allows you to operate the flashlight from any angle you would choose making operation faster.

The 360X3 also features six total outputs that includes two flashing modes and two programmable settings. It features the Tactical Setting and the Outdoor Setting that work exactly the same as with the XT11GT. So with the Tactical Setting you have a One-Touch Turbo and a One-Touch Strobe using the tail switches while in the Outdoor Setting you have a One-Touch Turbo and a One-Touch Low with the tail switches. The side switch remains the same in both settings.

This tactical flashlight is also USB rechargeable and features a battery capacity indicator and charging indicator so that you always know the status of the battery. The 360X3 can run on one 18650 battery, two CR123A batteries, or two Klarus 16340 batteries giving you quite a few options on what you'd like to power it with. This is an excellent tactical flashlight so make sure to check out the Klarus 360X3.

Klarus 360X1 - 1800 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

Klarus 360X1 Tactical Flashlight 1800 Lumens

This is the little brother to the 360X3 and has also just recently come out from Klarus. The 360X1 is a more compact flashlight that is excellent to carry. Even with its compact size, it's incredibly powerful and able to deliver up to 1800 lumens of power. Just like the 360X3, it does feature the same dual tail switches, but it does not feature that side switch. So if you don't really care about the side switch, then you should definitely check out the 360X1. The two tail switches give you access to a momentary on, One-Touch Turbo, and a One-Touch Strobe or a One-Touch Low.

The 360 X1 also features six outputs with two flashing modes as well as the same programmable settings as the 360X3. So you still have your Tactical Setting and Outdoor Setting. It's easy to switch between settings whenever you need to allowing you to use the 360X1 tactical flashlight in multiple situations.

This is also a USB rechargeable flashlight so you are able to charge it easily and conveniently. The 360X1 can run on a single 18650 battery, two CR123A batteries, or two Klarus 16340 batteries and the light features a charging indicator and battery capacity indicator so you can keep track of the status of the battery. Make sure to check out the Klarus 360X1 tactical flashlight.

Concluding Remarks

We have a lot of great flashlights to offer here and there are so many that would make great gifts. Whether your dad is the outdoorsy type, work around the house type, or what have you, he'll absolutely appreciate this practical and, let's be honest, fun tool. Any of the six flashlights we talked about between this blog and the last would make a great gift and they're all different enough that you can find one that your dad would love. You can also check out our other flashlights for more options. Happy shopping!

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