Be Safe this Halloween with an LED Flashlight

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Be Safe this Halloween with an LED Flashlight

It's the time of the year for ghost stories, costumes, and candy. Whether you're a parent whose kid is off to trick or treat with a group of friends or your parent who's chaperoning a group of kids or you're an adult planning on going out during Halloween night, it's important to be prepared. So in this blog, we're going to talk about how to stay safe on Halloween night and how an LED flashlight can help you.

How to be Prepared for Halloween

Whether you're chaperoning your kid and their friends or another adult is chaperoning them, make sure to talk to the children about Halloween safety. A few tips would be to stay with the group at all times, wait until the candy has been inspected to eat it, and stay on the sidewalk as much as possible. And make sure you bring your flashlight!

If you plan on going out yourself during Halloween night to a party or a friend's house or what have you, it's important that you stay safe too. Be extremely careful driving home at night in case of intoxicated people on the road. Make sure to drive cautiously and safely to avoid pedestrians. Try to stick with your friends as much as possible. And make sure to bring your flashlight!

Best LED Flashlights for Halloween

You certainly don't want to be left in the dark on Halloween night when everyone is out and about. So below, we've listed some awesome LED flashlights that will help keep you safe on Halloween.

Klarus XT11GT 2000 Lumen Flashlight

best tactical flashlight klarus xt11gt

This is a great tactical flashlight if you are out on Halloween chaperoning your kids while they trick or treat or having your own fun at the Halloween party. It delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens so you won't need to worry about being in the dark with this flashlight.

It features a triple switch design with dual tail switches and a side switch that functions separately. So you have some options on how you would like to operate the flashlight.

The tail switches will give you a One-Touch Turbo, momentary-on, and a One-Touch Strobe or a One-Touch Low depending on which setting you have the flashlight in. The XT11GT does come with three settings: The Tactical Setting (also the default setting), the Outdoor Setting, and the Advanced Tactical Setting. For Halloween night, we would recommend the Tactical Setting because it does give you that One-Touch Strobe with the tail switch as well as access to the multiple outputs. The settings will not affect the side switch. The side switch will allow you to operate the flashlight as well as cycle through all the modes and access strobe and SOS. It also features a built-in memory function.

This is also a great flashlight to have around the house or even for everyday carry. It's a little bit bigger than other everyday carry flashlights, but it's very compact and lightweight and features a handy little pocket clip. It’s able to run on an 18650 battery or two CR123 batteries. It is also a USB rechargeable flashlight so that you can easily charge the battery without purchasing an expensive battery charger. Check out the Klarus XT11GT tactical flashlight.

Klarus G10 1800 Lumen Flashlight

best led flashlight klarus g10

If you're wanting something that's a little easier to carry and a little less tactical, then you'll be interested in the Klarus G10 LED flashlight. This flashlight delivers 1800 lumens and has a wide beam to it so you’ll be seeing the entire area in front of you. It's operated with a tail switch and a side switch, though they operate separately. This means you can choose which switch you want to use at any time. Both switches will access a One-Touch Turbo while the tail switch will give you a One-Touch Low and the side switch will give you a built-in memory function. You can also get a strobe mode with either switch by double clicking. This is a feature that you may want on Halloween night as it can deter anyone who wishes to do you any harm.

The G10 runs on a single 18650 battery, two CR123 batteries, or two Klarus 16340 batteries. So you have quite a few options on which battery you'd like to power the flashlight with. It is a USB rechargeable flashlight making it extremely convenient to charge the battery. Check out the Klarus G10 LED flashlight.

Klarus Mi7 700 Lumen Flashlight

best pocket flashlight klarus mi7 700 lumen flashlight

This light and the next light I'm going to talk about are pocket flashlights. So they'll be more compact and perfect to carry whether you’re using them or whether you want to give them to your kids to have during Halloween night. The Mi7 is an extremely small AA sized flashlight. It delivers up to 700 lumens of power which is a great amount of light to use in a suburban and urban areas.

It's operated using a single side switch and features multiple outputs including a strobe mode. The Mi7 is able to run on an AA battery or on a 14500 battery. We do recommend getting a 14500 battery because it gives you the full 700 lumen output. An AA battery will only give you about 330 lumens max. 330 lumens is still a great amount of light, but the strobe mode will not be quite as effective as that 700 lumen power.

The Mi7 is perfect to carry with you and even comes in a few different colors! So make sure to check out the Klarus Mi7 pocket flashlight.

Mecarmy SGN7 550 Pocket Flashlight

550 lumen pocket flashlight mecarmy sgn7

The next pocket flashlight I want to talk about is a multifunctional flashlight. The MecArmy SGN7 delivers a maximum output of 550 lumens and is the perfect size to carry with you. This flashlight features two switches. One of the switches will operate the flashlight and allow you to access all the different brightness levels and it will turn on and off the light. The second switch is meant specifically for emergencies. Once pressed, the flashlight will emit a shrinking alarm while activating the strobe mode. This is a perfect emergency flashlight because not only will it disorient any person wishing to do you harm, it will alert others to what's happening. This may be the best Halloween flashlight simply because of that emergency switch.

There's more to the SGN7 LED flashlight than just the alarm and strobe, however. It comes with a built-in lithium polymer battery and is USB rechargeable. It can also function as a power bank which means that it can give a little bit of energy to any of your USB devices. All in all, it's definitely a neat little light. Check out the MecArmy SGN7 pocket flashlight.

Concluding Remarks

We have a lot of flashlights to choose from when it comes to staying safe on Halloween night and in general. Flashlights are imperative to keep you safe. More and more LED flashlights are coming out with unique functions to ensure that the user stays prepared in case of an emergency. An immediate strobe mode, shrieking alarm, power bank function, these are all really excellent features to have in any flashlight. So be sure to stay safe on Halloween night with your LED flashlight. Happy Halloween!

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