A New Lantern from Klarus - You Need to See This

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A New Lantern from Klarus - You Need to See This

We are excited to talk about a new release from Klarus - the CL1 LED lantern. This is the very first lantern Klarus has made and we are incredibly impressed by it. Not only is the CL1 a vibrant lantern, it's also a Bluetooth speaker making it perfect for any outdoor gathering. You can check out more on the Klarus CL1 or continue reading and we'll dive into the features of this little lantern.

390 Lumen Lantern

Best Camping Lantern Klarus CL1

First, let's talk about the LED and lantern aspect of the CL1. It features a 4500k High CRI LED which gives it a soft quality and soft illumination. There's no harsh lighting on your eyes and it beautifully disperses the light. It reaches a maximum output of 390 lumens and reaches out about 18 meters, perfect for a fun beach party, a camping weekend, or even just a backyard gathering. You have three brightness levels to choose from with the high being 390 lumens, the medium is 160 lumens, and the low is 12 lumens. On the lowest brightness level, the CL1 can last up to 157 hours which is a lot of time to party. With these three brightness levels you can easily decide how much light you want. Maybe for a smaller gathering you would prefer not to have a lot of light and use the medium or the low modes. But for larger gatherings, it might be better to keep it on the high mode which can last up to 8 hours, plenty of time to keep the party going.

Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speaker Klarus CL1

So not only do you have a great amount of light, you also have a Bluetooth speaker. The CL1 features a HiFi 360-degree stereo with bass giving it great acoustics and a professionally engineered sound. With the Bluetooth feature you can connect the CL1 lantern to your smartphone ant control the music easily. You could also use a tablet or PC or other Bluetooth device to control the CL1. As long as you're within 10 meters of the CL1 you can use your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth device to control the CL1. You can easily play or pause the music, fast forward or rewind the music, as well as control the volume. This is incredibly handy because you won't need to go to the CL1 anytime you want to change songs or change the volume. Just pick up your smartphone and you've got your remote.

We've been using the CL1 to listen to music at the office, and we've really been enjoying how great this little lantern is. The CL1 can play music for up to 50 hours so you're covered for the entirety of your gathering unless you're planning on having a five day gathering. In which case, you could always charge the CL1, but we'll get to that in a minute. This LED lantern is really great for any outdoor gathering, camping trip, or just to have around the house.

USB Rechargeable LED Lantern

USB Rechargeable Lantern Klarus CL1

The CL1 is USB rechargeable so you can easily charge it before your next gathering. It features a little charging indicator on the side that lets you know when the battery is fully charged and when it's still charging. The same indicator doubles as a battery capacity indicator so while you are using the CL1, you can check to see how much battery energy is left before you need to charge it again.

Another really excellent feature of the CL1 lantern is the power bank function. If your smartphone or one of your other USB devices need some energy you can use a CL1 to power it up a little bit. While we've been talking about the CL1 being used for gatherings, camping, and parties, it's also a great tool to have in case of emergencies. During a blackout, you can use the CL1 as a lantern to help you see and you can also use it to power up your smartphone if you need to make a call. This is a really great and practical feature that we are glad Klarus included.

Other Features of the Klarus CL1 Lantern

LED Camping Lantern Klarus CL1

It's also very lightweight and portable. The CL1 only weighs less than 10 and a half ounces and is a little over 3 inches in height in a little less than 3 inches in diameter. Not only that, Klarus includes a carabiner and a small carrying pouch so you can easily take the CL1 lantern with you wherever you go.

Another really cool feature of the CL1 is that it has an internal magnet so you can attach the lanter to any metal surface. It's always great to see when lanterns have internal magnets so that you can easily illuminate an area while attaching the lantern to any metal surface. If there's no metal surface around, you can use the carabiner to hang it from wherever you need. So if you're camping you can hang it from a tree limb so that you can listen to music while you get your camp together or just while you’re hanging out.

Concluding Remarks

The Klarus CL1 is really a great LED lantern. It has so many features that makes it incredible. The soft illumination is excellent, the Bluetooth speaker is a lot of fun, it's USB rechargeable and can function as a power bank which is convenient and practical. Not to mention, it’s also very durable. The CL1 is crafted from PC + ABS Polymer and aluminum alloy. It’s impact resistant up to 1 meter and waterproof up to IPX4 standards which means you can still enjoy listening to music and lighting up the night even with rain. We're really excited about this lantern so make sure to check out the Klarus CL1 camping lantern today.

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